Shader Soccer

Shader Soccer is a Pong-variant created in Unity.  It was mainly a project for me to try out Unity again and get a bit re-acquainted with shaders.  Some key features of the game include:

  • Different 3D models for players.
  • 3 customizable shaders for the models.
  • Multiple “players” per team, somewhat mimicking foosball.

The project was a collaborative project between November 2014 and March 2015 as part of the HobbyGameDev reddit community.  I served as the project lead/programmer.  Other credits (art, sounds) can be found here, in the GitHub repository.

The game may be played in your web browser here.  Mouse clicks navigate through the menu screens, and WASD (left team) and the arrow keys (right team) control players during gameplay.  A/D and left/right switch which “line” of players are currently under control, while W/S and up/down move the current “line” of players up or down.


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