Clover-Man vs. EVIL

Clover-Man vs. EVIL is probably my largest game development project so far. The idea for Clover-Man, a superhero clover, dates back to playing with real clovers on the playground during my elementary school days. The game is a basic side-scrolling 2D platformer. The original version of the game was programmed in C++ using SFML, but the newest version was programmed in C# using XNA. I did all programming, graphics, and sound, with the exception of the head and hand graphics for the final boss (which were done by my friend Alan King).

Both versions of the game should be playable on Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems.

Download January 2012 C# Game (setup.exe in zip file)
*.NET Framework 4 Full and XNA Framework 4.0 Refresh are required, but these should be automatically installed by the installer if necessary.

Download December 2010 C++ Game (zip file; no installer needed)
*Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable is required for the C++ version.

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